Who Are The Berkos?
A family focused on health, wellness and mindset
Who Are The Berkos

Health & Wellness For The Whole Family

With a passion for health, wellness and balance of body, mind and spirit, The Berkowitz family are firm believers in becoming your best self. With Dr. Rich and Dr. Danielle’s combined 50 years of experience in treating patients with a variety of issues, they utilize their knowledge and experience to help others reach their health and wellness goals. 

The Berkowitz family knows that to be their best it takes more than just healthy eating, regular exercise and a positive outlook to reach your goals. To reach your true human potential, everyone needs the right information and tools to reach their goals. That is why they’ve created The Berko Way.

Dr. Rich, Dr. Danielle and the rest of the family, are ready to guide you on a journey to health, wellness and happiness. From challenges to coaching, they’ll motivate you and show you how you can reach and maintain your goals.

Dr. Danielle Berkowitz

Dr. Danielle Rogers-Berkowitz was born in Marion, Ohio and attended Bowling Green University before going on to graduate with honors with a Doctorate in Chiropractic from National University of Health Sciences in 1995. 

She has practiced chiropractic and wellness coaching in the Rutherford and Cleveland County areas for over 25 years. She founded Carolina Chiropractic Plus of Rutherford County, NC in 1997. During her time in private practice, she focused on a full body approach to pain relief and overall health and wellness to create real, lasting results for her patients.

Dr. Danielle then created Wellness4LifeDC, with a focus on providing health and wellness coaching for those looking to create long term lifestyle changes for long lasting results. Her unique approach to coaching was aimed to prevent the burn-out that gets caused by plans and coaches  that tend to create an “all on nothing” mentality.

Dr. Danielle also co-owns Cryo Recover and Wellness, along with Dr. Rich, where she focuses on educating the public on cryotherapy and overall health and wellness with a total body approach.

"I have been there for my patients whose bodies were broken from years of stress, fatigue, injuries, weight gain, poor diet, not enough “me time,” etc. I’ve lived it too! After 25 years of practice, and the thousands of patients I have been in contact with, there is one thing that never broke: my desire to help others live well. "

Dr. Rich Berkowitz

Dr. Rich Berkowitz was born in Baltimore, Maryland and graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelors of Science in Human Psychology. He then went on to graduate with honors with a Doctorate in Chiropractic from National University of Health Sciences. 

As the founder of Carolina Chiropractic Plus in Cleveland County, N.C., Dr. Rich has been a chiropractic and wellness practitioner in the Cleveland County area for over 25 years. He has continued to focus on providing knowledge , resources and cutting edge treatments to the community.

As co-owners of CrossFit Shelby, Dr. Rich and his staff provide a friendly and motivating gym to Shelby and the surrounding areas.

Dr. Rich also co-owns Cryo Recovery and Wellness, along with Dr. Danielle, with the goal of bringing this cutting edge technology, including full body cryotherapy, genetic and hormone testing and more ,out of the big cities and making it available to everyone. 

“I was taught when I was extremely young about the importance of providing outstanding service and striving to exceed expectations…that is the cornerstone of every relationship. We continue to work hard to bring the latest technology for health and wellness to Cleveland County and the surrounding areas.”

A Family Passion For Health & Wellness

Every journey is better with the right companions and that’s especially true on your journey to health and wellness. From sports to meditation, the gym to Mt. Everest, the family likes to embark on adventures to put themselves to the test and push themselves to the next level. 

When we say health and wellness is a passion for the Berkowitz family, we’re not kidding. Every member of the family takes pride in living a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise of both the mind and body, and creating the path to being their best self.

The one thing the Berkowitz family knows is that everyone’s journey can move at a different pace. Whether you’re looking to dive into a full life change or gradually create health habits, they’re ready to be your guide on this incredible journey.