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What is The Berko Way

Our ultimate goal is to achieve optimum human function by dealing with life stresses and managing life choices. We have found that chronic stress is the origination of most, if not all, chronic ailments and disease. Hence, we must learn to manage chronic stress. We must learn that chronic stress ultimately creates sympathetic dominant state in which we lose the ability for our parasympathetic nervous system to work correctly. 

The Berko Way is designed to help manage the stress response through a number of epigenetic factors, meaning your lifestyle and choices you make, to balance out your nervous system, manage your stress response, and ultimately allow you body to achieve full human potential.

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Who Are The Berkos?

Wellness For The Whole Family

With a passion for health, wellness and balance of body, mind and spirit, The Berkowitz family are firm believers in becoming your best self. With Dr. Rich and Dr. Danielle’s combined 50 years of experience in treating patients with a variety of issues, they utilize their knowledge and experience to help others reach their health and wellness goals. 

The Berkowitz family knows that to be their best it takes more than just healthy eating, regular exercise and a positive outlook to reach your goals. To reach your true human potential, everyone needs the right information and tools to reach their goals. That is why they’ve created The Berko Way.

Dr. Rich, Dr. Danielle and the rest of the family, are ready to guide you on a journey to health, wellness and happiness. From challenges to coaching, they’ll motivate you and show you how you can reach and maintain your goals.

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Dr. Rich Berkowitz

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